Mygalo artist Paris truck graffiti street art - "l'amour" basse graffiti van. Photo: Mygalo

Mygalo 2000 interview Paris street art graffiti skull art José Guadalupe Posada. Photo: Mygalo

Not street art, usually, graffiti on Parisian trucks: a new middle area. Skeletons and skulls, graphic in the way of typo-graffiti, but carrying messages tied to death, love, twerking - too intellectual to be merely called ‘graff’.

Truck graffiti culture in Paris is the most sophisticated of its kind anywhere in the world, “base street graff’”, by the likes of Horfé and the Peace And Love (PAL) crew, for example, often done on trucks and vans as random acts of dissent and invasion of people’s private property, but generally there’s not much going on with it past the initial emotional and colourful thrust.

Due to its cartoonish presentation – and my own ignorance of turn of the nineteenth century Mexican political cartoons – only once I dug deeper (!) into this cohesive body (!) of new truck art, and unearthed (!) the identity of its author, did my senses truly get brought to life as to the brilliance of Mygalo 2000.

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Tour Paris 13 exposition art La Sablière (1)

Paris, the 13th arrondissement, nine floors, one hundred artists, these are the numbers that introduce us to the story of La Tour Paris 13, an ephemeral exhibition.

An old apartment building to be torn down in less than a month, which has been painted inside and out by an international set of artists recognised in the fields of graffiti and street art, the project is the brainchild of gallerist Mehdi Ben Cheikh, director of the Parisian, Gallery Itinerrance, in association with the  Mairie du 13e (townhall of the 13th arrondissment).

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Sydney street art pioneers ZAP and JUMBO Paris street art (27)

Walking up the rue Dénoyez, I’m confronted by two Australians wanting to know good places to paint.

ZAP and JUMBO from Sydney, and I ,walk from Belleville to Ménilmontant to Oberkampf. I show them walls, shutters and a truck. We part ways.

The next day I return to one of the spots to find JUMBO spraying up an illustration: a circus, people chopped in half bleeding green bubbles, a dog lizard head, orbs, all done symmetrically. People walk by and smile as he paints the side of this fruit and vegetable shop. No-one realises that he’s not been invited, or, perhaps, no-one cares. The guy from the shop working out back likes the work. He certainly doesn’t care.

ZAP is up the street and has taken a van owned by the Chinese tailors. The manageress gave him permission. She is enthusiastic about having him paint the sides. ZAP wanted a bigger canvas though, and tried the market at Blvd de Belleville. The Arab truck owners weren’t so enthusiastic. 

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Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix church Ménilmontant Paris street art Belleville wheatpaste (2) (1)

When street art is done on an abandoned dilapidated building, ok, fine. When street art is done on the monumental staircase of a neo-Romanesque-cum-neo-Gothic nineteenth century church, in a working class neighbourhood, man, what the f#!*.

At witnessing an artwork stuck to the steps of Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix church at Ménilmontant, at first, I’m surprised at such audacity.  Parisian graffiti artists have codes which dictate that churches are left alone. Moreover, my education at Holy Trinity (Church of England) primary school in London, and years involved with the Scout Association, served to ennoble me with a sense of religious morality, and respect and fear of God and his less ethereal manifestations in the form of vicar, bishop, church, cathedral, all of which I’m certain allow no room for illegal art interventions of any kind.

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Roti Street art paris living walls (8)

Painter, stonecutter, sculptor, tattooist, engraver, artists as polyhedric as Roti are difficult to find nowadays. Good for street art, difficult as a journalist. Talking about his art becomes a challenge because of the impossibility of deciding where to start from, and what, amongst the various techniques he has mastered, to focus on. 

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David Walker Le MUR - Paris street art - exhibition - Underground Paris. Photo: Art of David Walker Facebook copyright 2013

Berlin-based urban painter, David Walker, is a staple on the streets of London and Berlin and is the most recent artist to have been picked by l’association to make Le M.U.R., creating one of his signature emotive portraits. Ludovica Giulianini reports on Walker’s true work of art.

Over 140 artists have made ephemeral artworks on the wall since it’s inauguration in 2007, but few have matched the beauty of Walkers’ portrait on this three by eight metre former billboard set aside by the city council for the purpose of promoting street art.

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Keith Haring retrospective Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris CENTQUATRE (5)

New York, 1978, student Keith Haring arrives in the city considered to be the cradle of the graffiti movement.  His mind is blown away by the tags, the dubs, the subway car ‘masterpieces’ – the frenetic energy of the illegal art scene.

Years later, and Haring, influenced by this ‘subway art’, draws on the same walls that first inspire him, in white chalk on empty black advertising poster panels – marking his birth as a street artist.

Paris, 2013, last Friday, twenty-three years after Haring passes away, opens the largest retrospective of his work ever brought together, “The Political Line”, at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, in association with Centquatre – a collection of non-‘street art’.

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HOPNN street art Paris - bike art (1) Photo : Ludovica Giulianini

When walking around a city, very few people pay real attention to what’s hanging on the walls. Probably this is the ‘advertising effect’ – we’re overloaded with visuals wherever we walk. However, when what’s on the wall happens to be anti-automobile propaganda, such as a man eating a lipstick red car, one is forced to take notice.

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zezao brasil street art pixacao flop underground sewers (2)

We recently  visited  Zezão at his studio in São Paulo, a Brazilian street artist who cut his teeth in the Pixação scene in the city limits. In the past, he worked in degraded and abandoned spots, such as, the sewers of this megalopolis – during a period when he suffered with depression.

His famous signature, the Flop, a light blue organic shape, contrasts with these inhospitable places, bringing “life” and a sense of purity to its environment.

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C215 street art paris stencil 13 arrondissement le parcours de street art

Art for art’s sake? Yes, but not only. Sometimes art makes everything look so much more beautiful and it needs help to be shared.

French world famous street artist C215, who just finished an amazing 25m high wall in Boulevard Vincent Auriol (Paris 75013), managed to find a perfect balance between painting for himself and do paintings for the public.

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