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In music, solfège (UK/ˈsɒlfɛʒ/,[1] US/sɒlˈfɛʒ/;[2] French: [sɔlfɛʒ]) or solfeggio (/sɒlˈfɛi/Italian: [solˈfeddʒo]), also called sol-fasolfasolfeo, among many names, is a music education method used to teach aural skillspitch and sight-reading of Western music. Solfège is a form of solmization, though the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.


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Syllables are assigned to the notes of the scale and enable the musician to audiate, or mentally hear, the pitches of a piece of music being seen for the first time and then to sing them aloud. Through the Renaissance (and much later in some shapenote publications) various interlocking 4, 5 and 6-note systems were employed to cover the octave. The tonic sol-fa method popularized the seven syllables commonly used in English-speaking countries: do (or doh in tonic sol-fa),[3] remifaso(l)la, and ti (or si), see below.woman in red and black floral long sleeve shirt


There are two current ways of applying solfège: 1) fixed do, where the syllables are always tied to specific pitches (e.g. “do” is always “C-natural”) and 2) movable do, where the syllables are assigned to scale degrees, with “do” always the first degree of the major scale.


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