Montmartre street art tour

Megamatt mosaic - Montmartre Street Art Tour by Street Art Paris

Montmartre is famous for it’s former residents, Dali, Picasso, Braque – all of whom are dead! On our Montmartre street art walking tours, you’ll instead discover a living art scene that is happening away from the galleries and museums, which is being supported directly by the public.

On any one of our street art walking tours, you can expect to see pieces by French and international artists, such as, Space Invader, Gregos and Combo, and hear the stories behind the unique Parisian graffiti-street art scene.

Our tours are curated by the Street Art Paris project, which aims to promote artists who use the public space in innovative and positive ways.

Visit Montmartre, but look past all the dead artists for a moment, as you discover and learn about a fresh wave of creativity, collectively joined in its approach, and part of the fastest growing art movement in the world today!

About Street Art Paris

Street Art Paris is a network of artists, documentarians, producers, educators, which presents the Parisian and international graffiti-street art culture. In addition to its documentary and knowledge shared at its site and through its regular walking tours and art workshops, the organisation is developing an artists books project in collaboration with an expanding group of artists, and institutions. Continually updated details of the project are published at

To make a reservation, send us an email detailing your interest in our project.