– Street Art Paris collects a design fee.
– The artist defines a precise timeline for the start and completion dates of the artwork, agreed upon by the wall owner. The artist shall endeavour to complete the work within the agreed time, weather permitting. If the artist or wall owner needs to redefine the timeline for any reason, this shall be agreed upon in writing.
– Street Art Paris petitions a broad cross section of the community, making available a digital version of the maquette and a line of contact in order for locals to express any concerns about the artwork and, or, potential material issues.

Artwork realisation
– The artwork shall be produced in a professional manner consistent with the artist’s prior work.
– The wall owner shall provide access to the site, as well as, wherever possible, electricity, water and toilets.

Artwork completion
– The artwork is considered as complete when it embodies the look and feel of the design agreed upon.
– The wall owner accepts that the completed artwork may contain minor differences due to artistic changes or obstructions, such as windows, pipes, doors, etc.
– The artist is not obliged to sign the artwork unless they choose to do so.
– The artist, sponsor or wall owner are not permitted to add commercial markings, such as brand names or hashtags to the artwork.
– The artist is permitted, but not obliged, to acknowledge the sponsor or wall owner in any public relations stories or events in connection with the artwork, including all relevant social media, if requested to do so by the sponsor or wall owner.

– The artist shall purchase and rent all of the materials and equipment necessary for the creation of the artwork.

Artist rights
– Copyright in the design and artwork are solely retained by the artist.
– The artist waives the right to prevent the sponsor or wall owner from rebranding their business or a wall owner from selling their property.
– The artwork is understood to be temporary and may be deleted from the wall by the wall owner without prior permission.
– Street Art Paris and the wall owner do not have any ancillary rights to the artwork, e.g. merchandising.

Artwork preservation and maintenance
– The wall owner shall take precautions to protect the artwork against damage and to preserve the integrity of the artwork and notify Street Art Paris in relation to the need for the maintenance or restoration of the artwork.
– The artist shall be given the opportunity to perform, supervise or consult on the maintenance or restoration of the artwork.
– In the case of a sale of the building, the wall owner shall notify Street Art Paris at least sixty days before the completion of the sale to give the artist time to document, modify or delete the artwork.

Payment terms
– The first payment (design fee) (10%) is non-refundable, and given in order to launch the design phase of the wall artwork. The design fee is deductible from the total cost of the commission.
– The second payment (artwork prepayment fee) (45%) is non-refundable, and paid before the mural painting commences. The second payment (artwork prepayment) shall be made once the design has been agreed upon by the sponsor or wall owner.
– The third payment (artwork post-payment fee) (45%) is non-refundable, and paid upon the completion of the wall. The sponsor or wall owner shall transfer the artwork post-payment fee to Street Art Paris within thirty days of completion of the project.
– Refund requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Contact Street Art Paris to arrange a telephone call to discuss your refund request, by emailing

Contact information
Demian Smith
Back City Projects SASU
34 rue du Ban-de-la-Roche,
Strasbourg 67000
TVA: FR87 812 359 602
+33 6 52 69 92 40

Back City Projects was established in Paris in 2012 and registered as a company in mid 2015. It is run by Demian (Philip) Smith, a street artist and cultural mediator, public art journalist, art project producer, sound designer and artists’ book publisher.