street artist

Interview with Sambre

SAMBRE installation at Les Bains Douches at Arts et Métiers, Paris.  Lors de notre première rencontre, il m’a parlé de l’exposition éphémère […]

Interview with Leiga aka Jack Neto

Could you please tell us about your art. I developed my style about eight years ago. Before that I was going out with

Interview with Mathieu Tremblin

Tag Clouds “Rue Jules Ferry,” 2012, Arles Originally from Le Mans, Mathieu Tremblin works in Strasbourg on multi-dimensional pieces that

Interview with Levalet

Born in the Lorraine region of East France, 27-year-old Levalet takes advantage of Paris’ architecture, combining his knowledge of theatre

Le M.U.R. de l’Art at the Marais

Artwork by Le Module de Zeer Le M.U.R. de l’Art is an exhibition of artwork by 50 urban artists at l’Espace d’Animation

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