Ariane Pasco

Alain-Fournier - le passe ne peut renaitre by Airane Pasco Nice Art -stencil colourful siloiehtte nature - stencil class - pochoir atelier - underground paris

Ariane Pasco, one of the co-founders of the Nice Art collective in 1986, has been a prominent figure in the urban art scene ever since. Specialising in stencilling, Nice Art’s creations are meticulously crafted in vibrant colours, finding their canvas on the walls of the streets, adorned with the marks of time and life. In addition to stencilling, the collective has ventured into collage, customising vinyl records, and experimenting with reverse-graffiti techniques. Their artistic repertoire encompasses a diverse range of themes, including animals, rock legends, literary figures, cinema icons, as well as evocative portraits of strangers and anonymous individuals.

At the core of Nice Art’s ethos lies a commitment to reintegrating nature into urban landscapes, infusing the concrete jungle with bursts of colour, and reclaiming public spaces as platforms for their artistic expression, thereby resisting the encroachment of consumerism. One of their notable projects, “Rimbaud Makes the World Tour,” seeks to disseminate poetry across the globe by tracing the footsteps of the renowned poet and inviting travellers to contribute by adorning a portrait on books, vinyl records, or maps with their own stories and images.

In addition to their creative endeavours, Nice Art actively collaborates with organisations such as Emmaüs to combat exclusion, participates in initiatives like Street Art Without Borders with Eric and Fabi, and engages in The Art Fabric project, which explores the intersection of art and society’s fringes. The collective’s presence extends beyond the streets, with numerous solo and collective exhibitions held in France, Italy, Germany, and the USA, alongside participation in prestigious events like Art Shopping, Rimbad-Mania, Rivier’Art, Fenêtres sur l’Art, ExtraMuro’s, Rue Stick, and the Pussifollies.

Ariane Pasco’s artistic journey also includes residencies in Briare and guest artist positions at Art Cité in Fontenay sous Bois and Rouen’s Flaubert in the City initiative. She has lent her expertise to animate PAC classes in Rouen, focusing on Flaubert, as well as conducted workshops in various locations such as Bagneux, Saint Ouen, Bobigny, and for the City of Paris at La Fontaine School in Etampes. Through her multifaceted contributions, Pasco continues to enrich the urban art landscape, leaving an indelible mark on both the streets and the communities she touches.

Virginia Woolf stencil by Ariane Pasco Street art parisVirginia Woolf by Ariane Pasco.

Gang of racoons by Ariane Pasco Nice Art - street art parisA couple of Racoons by Nice Art.

On the origin of species Charles Darwin Ariane Pasco stencil mixed media painting - street art parisCharles Darwin, The Origin of Species hommage by Ariane Pasco.

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