HOPNN street art Paris - bike art (1) Photo : Ludovica Giulianini

When walking around a city, very few people pay real attention to what’s hanging on the walls. Probably this is the ‘advertising effect’ – we’re overloaded with visuals wherever we walk. However, when what’s on the wall happens to be anti-automobile propaganda, such as a man eating a lipstick red car, one is forced to take notice.

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C215 street art paris stencil 13 arrondissement le parcours de street art

Art for art’s sake? Yes, but not only. Sometimes art makes everything look so much more beautiful and it needs help to be shared.

French world famous street artist C215, who just finished an amazing 25m high wall in Boulevard Vincent Auriol (Paris 75013), managed to find a perfect balance between painting for himself and do paintings for the public.

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OEPS Crew - street art Paris - Hama bead Copenhagen graffiti hits Oberkampf Denfert-Rochereau Butte-aux-Cailles (6)

Straight outta Copenhagen, OEPS crew, were in Paris at the weekend, placing its unique “HAMA bead” street art around Oberkampf, Denfert-Rochereau and the Butte-aux-Cailles, with assistance from Underground Paris.

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OX street artist - Paris street art - adbusting - billboard takeover - Underground Paris. Photo: Demian Smith (6)

French artist, OX’s, latest ad takeover at Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, in the southeastern suburbs of Paris, is a site – and weather – specific artwork that was planned for this out-of-town location due to OX’s fondness for displaying his artworks backed by barren suburban landscapes, as well as  the changing nature of the Parisian billboard space, which makes it ever harder to find suitable billboards to hijack.

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Paris Face Cachee - Clet Abraham - street art - Paris Underground

Paris Face Cachée is a 72 hour series of unique guided tours taking place next weekend, which is aimed to promote “interactive not contemplative tourism”, of the kind exposed in the bestselling book, Métronome, by Lorànt Deutsch.

There is a debate surrounding how Deutsch’s book attempts at rewriting the Paris narrative, which certain critics are calling “fabrications”. We wonder where the critics stand on Paris Face Cachée, with its selection of  ’experiences including the “prohibited, unpublished and unknown?

The Marie de Paris has said previously that it is aiming to rewrite the Paris narrative, we guess to try and move away from its tag of being a museum city, in the minds of Parisians only though, it appears. The entire event is being offered just in French, and, Paris as a museum city is surely a tag worth keeping in the minds of Americans, and every other nationality that pays homage each year, just for this reason.

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Le M.U.R. - Rubbish Cube - Paris street art - Copyright 2013 True Duke http://www.facebook.com/duketrue

Rubbish Cube’s delicate hand cut paper lace artworks, each requiring many hours to produce, are recognisable on walls around Paris, especially Rue Amelot in the 11th arrondissement. The lightness and fragility of his street art, requiring an impressive technical mastery, now have a two week legal outdoors showing, courtesy of the impresarios at Le M.U.R..

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JonOne paints Eric Cantona Rolls-Royce for Artcurial urban art auction in Paris (16)

JonOne, the New York train graffiti artist who, many, many moons ago, settled in Paris, has painted a Roll’s Royce donated by Eric Cantona as a publicity stunt for the ArtCurial urban art auction taking place this afternoon.

A little bit of vomit appears in this writers mouth, too, but before swallowing, make note that the money raised from this graffitied Rolls-Royce will all go to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which is a charity helping the utterly impoverished.

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Da Cruz - Le M.U.R. - Paris street art and graffiti (9)

Paris graffiti artist, Da Cruz’s artwork can be spotted mainly in the district of La Villette, between Crimee and Ourcq in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, but since yesterday, he is now also highly visible in the 11th arrondissement, having been invited by the l’Association Le M.U.R. to ‘do the honour’.

Quickly, for those unfamiliar with Le M.U.R., it’s a project which revolves around a three by eight metre billboard set aside by the city council for the purpose of promoting street art.

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Passing by the Office of the Sheriff, you are soon in The forest Flateurville. Make your way further, and you will face The backyard of the castle (concert hall). Then on your sides, Marcel and Lorette’s rooms. Continue to Marcel’s Workshop and two lounges. And finally, the Equipped cabins.

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Ken Sortais exhibition London. Paris graffiti artist Cony show in London after exhibition at Palais de Tokyo and winning of Le Salon de Montrouge (5)

Artist, Ken Sortais – most visible for his huge graffiti present all over Paris - is currently exhibiting indoors at the London-based, Galleries Goldstein, one year after his solo show at Palais de Tokyo, a consequence of his winning at the 56th edition of Le Salon de Montrouge.

Part of the vanguard Parisian graffiti crew, Peace And Love (PAL), along with Horfe, Sortais’ work is to be found everywhere in the streets of Paris, and most often high up on the rooftops of buildings. Check out our interview with Sortais filmed at the vernissage of his debut London exhibition at the Galleries Goldstein, Princes of Darkness, as follows:

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