Paris street art

Interview with Jerry Batista

Jerry freehands a character onto the wall, with beading dividing the wall into two tones, for his ZAT residency installation. […]

Interview with Levalet

Born in the Lorraine region of East France, 27-year-old Levalet takes advantage of Paris’ architecture, combining his knowledge of theatre

Jorge Pomar paints at Le MUR

Jorge Pomar uses naive imagery to bring attention to harder issues such as capitalism and the arms trade. Interview by

Interview with Gz’Up

We’re proud to bring you a guest post by our friend, Paris-based French-Canadian, Dudy, who’s taken time out from editing

Lek & Sowat’s Mausolée film launch

In August 2010 Sowat & Lek, from France’s DMV crew organised forty French artists to paint out the inside of an abandoned 430,000

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