Reviewed by 28KathParis82

Street Art Paris Walking Tour

A great way to discover the Street Art scene of Paris combined with a city tour without visiting the typical tourist attractions. I can absolutely recommend it to all people visiting Paris or living in Paris and who’d like to discover more than the Eiffel Tower. Benefit from free tours!

Reviewed by esther p

worth adding to your TO DO list while visiting Paris…

This tour will take you to places in Paris where you wouldn’t have found them otherwise. Also, you would be able to see street artists working on their piece as you walk by and it is really an interesting experience that you would not want to miss signing up for!

Reviewed by Ninoute

See Paris through street art!

I’ve had the chance to be part of the first tour in Paris, and it was pretty cool. I am a fan of street art and I have some knowledge about it (I live in Paris), but still, I’ve learned more about some artists thanks to our guide! It’s quite cheap and it’s a fun way to discover Paris, so if you already like street art or are just curious about it, you should do it!

Reviewed by claire F

une manière originale de visiter un quartier de Paris

Bonjour à tous,

Je vous recommande vivement “the streat art Paris Tour”. Une manière originale de visiter un quartier de Paris. Pendant un peu plus de 2h, Demian nous promène du côté de Belleville et nous parle de ces artistes qui font fleurirent à chaque coin de rue des oeuvres souvent revendicatives et assez surprenantes.

Reviewed by Maria Fernanda H

Street Art tour – A delicious experience!!!!

A lovely walk tour around the creativity atmosphere in Belville neighborhood.
The guide Demian has a deep expertise on the subject, he showed us a lot of street art as graffiti, stencil, posters and also some current projects. Each art that we enjoyed he was able to explain in deep about the artist and also their concept.
All this open sky gallery was combined with the beautiful architecture of Paris that enriches so much the tour.
I really recommend it for people that already enjoy street art, as well for every one who’s interested in discovering something different and fun around Paris. On top of that, I really like the way that you can tip the guide: Pay as much you can, this is so democratic!!!!!!!

Reviewed by maxime b


Enfin un “street art tour” à Paris. Ça manquait vraiment !
Trois heures de déambulation dans les rues parisiennes (essentiellement dans les onzième et vingtième arrondissements) et on ne regarde plus les murs de la capitale de la même façon après.
Un tour accessible, instructif et passionnant. Vivement recommandé.

Reviewed by Perishko

Arty walk in Paris : open wide your eyes

A passionate way to discover some active districts of Paris in a cool and friendly way, learning about street artists along with Demian who has plenty of stories about each of them. Spots where you may have passed through several times, as much as some hidden places, blooming with street-works in all of it expressions. A really great idea, that you can enjoy on any Saturday morning. Don’t wait too long, go for it, and you will enjoy it as much as we did !

Reviewed by jujux82

Excellent tour !!

Un grand merci pour ce tour fort intéressant que je recommande vivement à tous ceux qui s’intéressent de près ou du loin au Street Art. Damien le guide est un très bon pédagogue et vous fera découvrir des endroits et des oeuvres uniques qui ornent les quartiers de Paris. J’ai passé une excellente après midi à ses cotés et j’ai beaucoup appris.

Reviewed by rod1224

Street Art Tour.. real Paris

I went to the tour with very little background or interest in street art. However, I found the tour to be a learning experience, from the history of how it started, to how the art interacts with the environment (or lackthereof).

I found the tour guide Demian to be very knowledgeable his passion for street art is felt…I’ve been in Paris for several months, and I saw parts of the city I hadn’t even thought to visit. It was a great experience, the tour ends in Belleville which is the best place in Paris to get real Chinese food.

It’s customary to give a “tip” at the end the tour for the guide walking you around. Worth it

Reviewed by MoragKrespin

RECOMMENDED street art tour!

I really enjoyed this tour! I’m very interested in street art, and on this tour I’ve learnt a lot of new things from the tour guide Demian. He had an answer to all of my questions (and there were a lot!)
This tour brought me to new places in Paris which I haven’t been before and really opened my eyes.
Usually I see the art on the streets and don’t really know who is the artist and what style did he use etc, so it was nice to learn some more about those things. Demian is a very nice and interesting guy, and has a lot of knowledge in this field which really contributes to the tour.
I highly recommend going on this tour!

Reviewed by la_photographe

Paris from a different point of view

I took the street art tour and really enjoyed it.
Live in Paris but went to areas I have no reason to go to on an average week.
Guide was energetic, friendly and full of stories.
I recommend it. Have to be a good walker as streets go up and down.
Tour is free with donation expected.

Reviewed by duguayma

Very interesting!

It was nice to learn about something different than the traditional art pieces that you would normally see in museums. I really like the tour , althought it was a bit long & having some sort of itinirary with the name of fthe artists would have made it easier to follow. I would recomend starting at 10:30 rather than eleven cause by the time the tour was over we were starving! But overall i really like the tour!

Reviewed by Cl0udCatcher


I am not really a big fan of graffiti art on the whole. However I thought I should try something different to what I would usually do visiting a country. I’m so glad that I did!! It was really cool finding out why and how the street artists do what they do. I have a new appreciation for street art and find myself searching the city for it. The tour guide was awesome as he knew what he was talking about and obviously has a great passion for it. Definitely worth your time.

Reviewed by DavidGilchrist

Highly recommended walking tour to discover the heart of street art in Paris

I very much enjoyed yesterday’s Paris Street Art Tour, and was impressed by Demian’s deep knowledge of his subject. I live in Paris and am very familiar with the street art scene here (being a fan and collector of Paris street art for over 6 years), but thanks to Demian I discovered new artists and artworks, as well as interesting anecdotes that take you “behind the scenes” of street art. You do not need to be a street art expert to enjoy the tour – all the other tour participants were new to the subject, and Demian has a clear and interesting way to explain street art so that it appeals to everyone. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to discover a lesser-known but fascinating area of Paris, and to explore the city’s ever-changing “living art gallery”.

Reviewed by pommyfroggy

A different, and equally charming, side of Paris

I live in Paris and really enjoyed seeing a different side to my city, in parts of town I don’t spend much time in. From now on, I’ll be looking up and around with a more educated eye! Demian really knows his stuff, but keeps it accessible, so that street art beginners like myself don’t have any trouble keeping up! I really liked most of the art we were shown and the stories behind it. And of course it’s a bonus that it doesn’t break the bank, you give what you think the tour is worth. Go for it!

Reviewed by connieli32

Brilliantly informative! Improved the rest of my trip

I highly recommend doing this tour at the beginning of your trip, if possible. Not only will you have more energy to walk up all the hills, you’ll be excited about all the art you’ll see later on, because you actually know what it is and who made it!

This applied to all the little space invaders, plastic octopi, and metal breasts that I kept recognizing. So much so that I started checking every intersection for them. I even spotted a few in Lisbon and Barcelona.

Virginie was an incredible guide – very funny, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about street art. She dealt gracefully with some drunkards posted at a cafe right next to the first piece.

Reviewed by Mary C

Street art tours by Underground Paris

We had a very good time. The tour was fun and not strenuous and the leader knew a lot about the street art scene in Paris. He even pulled some of the local people over to talk to us as they were with the street art association, La Mur. Since I’m in Paris for another couple of months, I’ll be going back to see the changing art and take more pictures. Well worthwhile…

Reviewed by WinJeff

Great experience!

Our terrific guide was Siegfried, perfect for the role—weatherbeaten wool beret, spoke excellent English with a charming accent, flexible, loved questions, very nice, and encyclopedic [sic] knowledge of urban street art in Paris. Helped see and appreciate a form art expression that we were previously oblivious to. See street art everywhere now, and love the new insights. And, we got to see a part of Paris we would never have otherwise explored. Highly recommend to anyone.

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