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Underground Paris: Discover The Secret World Of Street Art In The Gritty Belleville District

By Helen Elfer

Demian sniffs the air, which has just started to fill with a heady waft of chemicals. “There’s a sprayer in our midst,” he says. “I can smell it.” I’m in Belleville, Paris, in the middle of what feels like a living, breathing jungle of street art. The spray painter might be out of sight, but the works of many a fellow artist are in plain view… It’s a district with a richly rebellious history…

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Alternative Art: A new tour explores Paris’ street art stars.

By Alison Culliford

A couple of years ago visitors to the
French capital might not have looked
much further than a quick dash round
the Louvre… but now there’s a thoroughly
21st-century attraction to add to the
list- street art. … The excitement of going on one of [Underground] Paris’s street art tours is that the canvas is changing all the time. One work might appear on a wall and before long there’s a cluster, all mixed in with half-torn Communist Party posters and blue street signs. Look up from this guide for a minute and you’ll see exactly what he means.

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Create Street Art in Paris with the Kids

What a fun family day out we had last weekend. Thanks to the fantastic team at Street Art Paris, we got the opportunity to become graffiti artists.

Having admired the urban art in the city for the last few years, it felt like such an honour to join the ranks of the Paris street art collective, even if it was just for a moment.

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20 Walks: Unusual, Fun, Sporty, Bucolic, Gourmet, Underground…

Belleville is the center of the scene, the cradle of street art. This is why we organise our tours in the 20th and the surrounding arrondissements,” explains Jason, guide at Underground Paris. … street art has no limits, it can hide anywhere. Whether it’s Monsieur BMX’s bikes or Milo Project’s walls pierced with an arrow, Paris is full of hidden creations.

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Barbarians at the Porte: How overprotective Paris became the center of street art

By Susan Hack

Our tour had the serendipitous nature of an African safari, with Smith a meticulous tracker of graffitied walls, rooftops and delivery trucks. Smith pointed out a portrait by Melbourne artist Vexta (“I heard she was in Paris but just noticed this a few days ago,” he told me) and, on a 19th-century rooftop, a winged, lemon-yellow feline by local artist Mr. Cat.

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The Underground Paris Tour

On the other hand, Paris sometimes looks like a stuck-up old lady. But on the other hand, Paname is bustling and generously welcomes all types of creation, in particular works of street art. “Urban art” is displayed, more or less legally… The rest of the audience, mixing young hipsters and preppy couples, is also won over. The only downside: the feeling of being on a school trip when sometimes Demian questions us one by one to judge our knowledge. – O.E.

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Street art, another way to discover Paris

By Claire Digiacomi

To visit Paris in an unusual way or to learn the basics of street art, it is possible to take part in guided tours in the capital by following the path of some notable works of urban art. By communicating on social networks, enthusiasts even organise their own visits.

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Dans les auberges de jeunesse, les « tours » street art séduisent les backpackers

By Emilie Ton

In the east of Paris where Underground Paris is organising its tour, on rue de la Fontaine-au-roi, we discover a new collage by Ella and Pitr, works by Gz’up, a superb wall sculpture created by Vhils. Demian’s street art tour also coincides with local government projects. 

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