Interview with ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam

Le-MUR-by-Zlism-zoie-lam-street-parisZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam from Hong Kong painting at Le M.U.R., the eight by three metre former advertising hoarding founded by Jean Faucheur, Thomas Schmitt, and others illegally originally, and later with authorisation of the corporate advertising landlord and the local town hall, at 107 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art ParisThe artist sits in her studio in Hong Kong amongst her plants and adds eyes to mountains and objects which she believes have their own life and soul.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

Could you tell us about your art?

I am a fashion designer by profession and also have my own fashion brand called zl_by_Zlism. My art encompasses various forms of expression. Fashion was my initial channel for artistic expression, where I could convey my ideas through clothing cuts and patterns in different seasons. Alongside establishing my fashion brand, I also started creating my Zlism world.

Fashion Hong Kong ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 09.23.13Zoie Lam has created her own designer fashion label zl_by_Zlism.

new-balance-sneaker-Zlism-zoie-lam-street-parisNew Balance trainer + Zlism.

In my created world, I depict my inner thoughts and visions. Many of them revolve around nature, while others feature self-created architecture and different extraterrestrial elements. I have a strong affinity for colours as they bring me joy, and I incorporate various hues into my works. As my inner world evolves, my artworks also go through different stages of transformation. Through my art, I aim to introduce people to another world beyond the realm of reality.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

During your stay in Paris, did you create any other street artworks?

During my visit to Paris, I only created one street artwork. Another piece was created inside a hotel, where I painted a changing room.

What is the background story behind your artwork created in Agnes B, Hong Kong?

In this series of artworks, I wanted to convey the message of “A good start“. The exhibition coincided with the aftermath of the pandemic, and it was my solo exhibition. Due to travel restrictions and various circumstances during the pandemic, my own fashion brand had come to a halt. So when I learned about this exhibition, I took it as an opportunity to start anew. The concept behind the exhibition was to restart and continue exploring other places.

Agnes b HK ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

Agnes B ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

You mentioned the construction of an inner world in your artworks. Could you explain this further?

I believe everyone has their own inner world, which is more important than the external world. If everyone can find their inner world and find solace, it would be wonderful for each individual. In my artworks, you can see my love for nature. I believe everything in the world, including objects, has their own life and soul. That’s why you’ll notice eyes on mountains and objects within my works, representing their own thoughts and feelings. I approach everything with gratitude and see everyone as equal.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

Can you describe the process of creating a painting?

First, I sketch the desired image on a tablet. Then, I use masking tape for positioning and chalk to outline the image on the wall. After that, I gradually apply different colours to the wall. Lastly, I refine the lines to create clean and precise outlines. I prefer the effect of solid colours on the wall.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

Who or what has had a significant influence on your work?

I would say WK Interact had a significant influence on me. When I was studying, I was deeply attracted to his artworks upon first seeing them. That’s what drew me into the world of street art. So, if I have to name an artist who had a significant impact on me, it would be him. He sparked my interest in street art.

Le-MUR-by-Zlism-zoie-lam-street-paris IMG_20231213_173934Le M.U.R., at 107 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris by ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam. 

What is the importance of street art?

I believe the importance of street art lies in its lack of boundaries. Artists can express themselves using different methods and forms, which makes it an interesting art form. On the streets, you can witness diverse forms of expression and styles.

Do you have any plans for 2024?

In 2024, I plan to create more canvas artworks and explore different mediums of expression. I also plan to hold a solo exhibition.

ZLISM aka 林雅儀 Zoie Lam - street art Paris

Zoie Lam’s Instagram is @zlism.

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