Docteur Bergman

docteur bergman Spider in epernons

Dr. Bergman, a Paris-based artist, embodies a unique fusion of scientific inquiry and artistic expression. Born in Courbevoie, he initially pursued a career in molecular biology, delving into the intricacies of life at its most fundamental level. However, his journey took an unexpected turn as he transitioned from the laboratory to the canvas, seeking a new avenue for exploration through art.

Settling into his studio in Paris, Dr. Bergman embarked on a creative odyssey, embracing the technique of stencil art as his primary medium of expression. This departure from the world of science into the realm of art was not without its challenges, with Dr. Bergman initially grappling with an arachnophobia that he humorously addressed through therapeutic stencil expeditions featuring spiders across Paris. Through this playful confrontation of fear, he found solace and inspiration, setting the stage for his artistic evolution.

Driven by a profound concern for animal welfare and a deep-seated dismay at human behaviour, Dr. Bergman’s stencil artworks serve as poignant reflections of societal issues. His pieces often feature dark, realistic imagery, offering commentary on the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world. With each stencil, he seeks to provoke thought and evoke emotion, whether through expressions of disapproval or messages of support for various causes.

In his artistic journey, Dr. Bergman has found a kindred spirit in Adey, a fellow stencil artist. Their collaboration has opened new avenues of exploration and creativity, as they push the boundaries of stencil artistry together. Inspired by his love for drawing and driven by a desire to make a larger impact, Dr. Bergman has recently turned his attention to graffiti, exploring the possibilities of large-scale murals as a means of amplifying his message and reaching a wider audience.

Through his art, Dr. Bergman continues to navigate the intersection of science and creativity, using his unique perspective to shine a light on pressing issues facing society today. With each stroke of his brush and each spray of paint, he invites viewers to contemplate the world around them and consider their place within it.

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