Interview with Jerry Batista

Jerry freehands a character onto the wall, with beading dividing the wall into two tones, for his ZAT residency installation. […]

Interview with Intra Larue

Intra Larue installs a work with the aid of a city rubbish bin at Rue Dénoyez in the Belleville quarter. Text

Interview with Leiga aka Jack Neto

Could you please tell us about your art. I developed my style about eight years ago. Before that I was going out with

Interview with ZAP and JUMBO

ZAP’s work in Berlin, reflects his journey through time and space. Sydneysiders ZAP and JUMBO, who have recently been in

Interview with Nelio

Nelio paints at rue du Paradis in Paris’ 10th arrondissment Does your artistic production look more at the process or

Interview with Louis Masai Michel

The United Nations climate conference, or COP21, has been happening in Paris, and meanwhile, London-based artist and muralist, Louis Masai,

Interview with Levalet

Born in the Lorraine region of East France, 27-year-old Levalet takes advantage of Paris’ architecture, combining his knowledge of theatre

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