Le M.U.R.

Interview with Sambre

SAMBRE installation at Les Bains Douches at Arts et Métiers, Paris.  Lors de notre première rencontre, il m’a parlé de l’exposition éphémère

Interview with Hazul Luzah

Hazul Luzah is an artist whose work predominates on the streets of Porto, Portugal’s second city after Lisbon. He’s a

Jorge Pomar paints at Le MUR

Jorge Pomar uses naive imagery to bring attention to harder issues such as capitalism and the arms trade. Interview by

Interview with Shaka

Text by Fernanda Hinke French graffiti artist, Shaka, real name, Marchal Mithouard, based in Montreuil in the east of Paris – an establishing hub

Le M.U.R. de l’Art at the Marais

Artwork by Le Module de Zeer Le M.U.R. de l’Art is an exhibition of artwork by 50 urban artists at l’Espace d’Animation

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