Author name: UndPar145

Seize Happywallmaker at his atelier

Seize Happywallmaker’s creations blend geometric minimalism with vibrant hues in what he calls ‘circuits of research and creation’. Central to

Interview with Lasco

The artist paints under the name, Lasco, and is specialised in prehistory and rock art. He is seen here painting

Interview with Sambre

SAMBRE installation at Les Bains Douches at Arts et Métiers, Paris.  Lors de notre première rencontre, il m’a parlé de l’exposition éphémère

Interview with Intra Larue

Intra Larue installs a work with the aid of a city rubbish bin at Rue Dénoyez in the Belleville quarter. Text

Interview with Leiga aka Jack Neto

Could you please tell us about your art. I developed my style about eight years ago. Before that I was going out with

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