Rayne Akwa

Rayne Akwa, a classic graffiti writer, discovered his passion for street art as a rebellious teenager, despite being troubled by his colour blindness from birth. He achieved an A grade in maths, yet he chose to follow his calling and attended art school, and later, he underwent general primary school teacher training in Canterbury, UK. Rayne is deeply ingrained in the London graffiti scene, devoting his warm weekends to painting. His dedication to graffiti, alongside his commitment to teaching and his resilience in overcoming obstacles (colour blindness), has earned him respect both as a classic graffiti mural painter and art educator. Rayne helped pioneer the first ironic graffiti mural workshop, which took place at a wasteland by Hackney Wick train station, London. If Rayne is leading your group in the street, please be careful when you hit the green/red traffic signals.

Instagram: @ogpaintsaint

Contact the artist directly for private artwork orders: rayne@undergroundparis.org.

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