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Underground Paris documents street art and fringe culture in Paris, to entertain and educate.

It’s a joint effort, and our staff include journalists, filmmakers, photographers, and artists.

If you have an idea to discuss or a story to share, please drop us a line at hello@undergroundparis.org.

For our Facebook, go here. For our Twitter, go there: @altparis.


Demian Smith, founder & Editor

Demian Smith – founder and editor-in-chief  - starts out painting graffiti in the late ‘90s around Swiss Cottage in London, and ends up writing gossip journalism for the Daily Telegraph. Arrived in Paris in 2012 to establish Underground Paris.

Lisa Marie Grenier, Contributor (onewalltoanother.com)

Lisa Grenier – contributor - scarred from failed Canadian childhood ambitions to become a Disney cartoonist, was overjoyed at the discovery of Paris’ flagrant street art scene. She also blogs at onewalltoanother.com.

Jeanne Marie-Laurent Underground Paris contributor

Jeanne-Marie Laurent – photographer - Laurent, has “loved” film since the age of ten, especially Kubrick and Scorcese, but no mention of how she got to watch them at such a tender age. She is currently making a documentary on Parisian street art.

Past contributors

Richard Beban - contributing photographer - is a Paris-based photographer who also has five books of poetry to his credit (two still in print). He provides the photographs, and Kaaren Kitchell the text, for their online journal, Paris Play, which often focuses on Paris street art, and features the work of various artists as illustrations.

Ludovica Giulianini – contributor - holds an MA in Arts Management from the University of Bologna, and lives in between Paris and Rome. As well as having an in-depth knowledge on EU models for cultural mobility, and experience helping artists move around Africa to share, create and work together, Ludo is able, uncannily, to spot from whom street artists have stolen their ideas.

Fernanda Hinke – contributing editor - went from Brazilian fashion marketing entrepreneur in Brazil to Toronto, Canada. And, then Paris. Current focuses are biking, street art and Buddhism. Check her out at mylifeonmybike.com.

Cécile Ney – contributing videographer - trained as an illustrator, but found locking herself indoors alone made her become antisocial. Fulfilling her desire for human interaction,  she now works as a video journalist: vimeo.com/cecileney.